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Euthanasia and Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to your best friend is difficult, emotional and one of the most heart-breaking decisions a pet owner has to make.

We find that saying goodbye to your cat or dog at home is the most relaxing option for euthanasia's, giving your pet comfort and familiarity in the home that they know, with all the smells and familiar faces to help calm them.

It also means that you don't feel rushed or uncomfortable and able to say a proper goodbye to your pet.


To organise a home euthanasia, please contact us to discuss options and your pet's personal circumstances.


Some things to think about when the time comes to say goodbye are;


- Does your pet get stressed, anxious or aggressive when someone new is at you house, or being handled? If so, let us know so we can administer a sedative to help make them comfortable and safe.

- Would you like to be present when your pet passes? There is no right or wrong when it comes to saying goodbye - many people want to remember their pet as they always were, while others like to see them pass over. Please let us know what you're most comfortable with when we arrive.

- Would you like your pet's ashes back? We are lucky enough to be able to offer a number of options to our home visit clients after euthanasia. Some lovely options include various vessels with or without engraving, memory boxes and pendants, or simple bags and urns to scatter. If you would not like your pet's ashes back, but would also not like to bury them at home, we can also organise just the cremation. Please let us know when you are making your appointment what you are considering so we can discuss options and prices.


Euthanasia is often very quick and generally peaceful, surrounded by family and loved ones to help them move on from any pain or illnesses that may be effecting their quality of life.